Slurred During the Campaign, West Allegedly Experience Psychiatric Disorders

RAPPER United States (US) Kanye West, Sunday (7/19), cried while holding a campaign in an effort to defeat President Donald Trump in the election, next November.

Wearing a bulletproof vest that read ‘security’, West gave a rambling speech about how he wanted his wife to have an abortion and said Harriet Tubman never freed slaves.

This news has so far become very lively news that is being discussed by the people of the United States. West, in a campaign event in Charleston, South Carolina, said he had wanted his wife, Kim Kardashian, to have an abortion while pregnant North, their oldest daughter.

West later said that his father actually also wanted his mother to abort him.  “My father wanted to abort me. My mother saved me. There could be no Kanye West because my father was too busy,” West said and cried. He then shouted, “I almost killed my daughter! I almost killed my daughter!” In the campaign, West also said, “Harriet Tubman never freed slaves. He only sent the slaves to work for other white people.” West’s recorded speech that went viral on social media sparked confusion, anger and concern about the singer’s mental health.

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Less than four months before the US election, West, surprisingly announced on July 4 that he would run for president against Trump. Until this news was published by several major US media, this news is still trending as a topic of public discussion, especially among politicians in all parts of the world.