Only a Quarter of Japanese Citizens Want the Olympics to be Held in 2021

ONLY a quarter of Japanese citizens who want the Tokyo Olympics to be delayed due to the co-19 pandemic continue to be held next year. Instead, the majority wants the Olympics to be postponed or even canceled. The growing outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic made most people think thousands of times to approve the holding of the Olympics, which is usually the arena of the contest that is much loved by all the people of the rising sun country.

The poll conducted by Kyodo news agency found 36.4% for respondents asking to be postponed and 33.7% in favor of being canceled altogether.

But the Schedule Has Not Changed Most who support delays or cancellations are those who do not believe the pandemic was blocked when the Olympics took place which is now scheduled for July 23, 2021. A separate survey by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper found that 33% in favor of the Olympics were held next year, while 61% others support delays or cancellations.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics were canceled last March but were postponed due to the 19th co-pandemic. The national poll approved a separate survey last month of Tokyo residents which concluded that more than half the population supported the postponement or cancellation of the Olympics.

Japan and Olympic officials have firmly stated that there will be no more delays. However, concerns are rising in Japan about a new wave of infections in which the capital city of Tokyo itself is recording high daily cases lately today. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, last week, said the Tokyo Olympics could be a “unique milestone for the whole world” by asserting that this event “will be the first worldwide meeting after the co-19 pandemic.” However, Bach said it had prepared several Olympic formats if the pandemic did not stop, including Olympic games without spectators. Kyodo News conducted a telephone survey of 1,045 people, while Asahi conducted a similar survey of 2,097 respondents.

besides this Olympics there are still many other events which are usually held on time from year to year, but as a result of this pandemic requires several countries that usually hold olympic events or annual festivals with forced to postpone until the world situation begins to improve from covid-19