Joe Biden will be injected with the Corona vaccine in public

Joe-Biden – US President-elect Joe Biden said he would receive his coronavirus vaccination in public and top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci. This was done in order to show that he was carrying out an open corona virus vaccination program.
It was also done in order to carry out Fauci’s recommendation so that he could get the vaccine faster.

The US started a mass vaccination campaign on Monday (14/12). This was done in order to overcome the spread of the corona virus outbreak which has killed 300 thousand citizens of Uncle Sam’s country.

In the vaccination program, US authorities are targeting to immunize 20 million people this month with the main target of health workers and nurses.

Authorities also want to reach the entire population this summer. But the target depends on public confidence in the vaccine.

Experts estimate more than 70 percent of people need to be vaccinated to contain the outbreak.


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