Group visit to the Japanese Embassy

The Japanese Embassy receives visits for groups of students, students or the general public who want to get to know Japan more. The group will be invited to watch a video about Japan, an introduction to Japanese culture, direct interaction and questions and answers with the staff of the Japanese Embassy.

How to submit a visit to the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta:
Schools / universities / institutions / agencies make a letter of application for a visit (1 month earlier) using the official letterhead of the school / university / institution / agency concerned with the following contents:
The purpose of the visit plan (for institutions / agencies)
Date of visit (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)
Visiting hours: 10.00 – 12.00 WIB

Total number of participants and assistants (between 40 people – a maximum of 80 people)
Visit themes (specific themes that you want to be known / discussed during the visit)
Include a mobile number of at least 3 people who handle visit issues
Letter signed by the Principal or Head of Department (for the university), or the person in charge of the program of visit (for the institution / agency)
Schools / universities / institutions / agencies must confirm (approximately 3 days after the letter is sent) whether the letter sent to the Japanese Embassy has been received by the Embassy. We ask this to prevent misunderstandings.

The Japanese Embassy does not charge at all for this visit program.
If you have questions to ask about the group visit above, you can contact the Information & Culture section, tel. (021) 3192-4308 during working hours and days.