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Starting from history, life, economic information of society, government, country, social environment, individuals and also various other interesting information that we always pack every day on this page. The practice of applying social science and humanities from scientists must not be ignored because it plays a very significant role in the success of development programs.
The existence of social science has an important contribution in translating theoretical ideas and ideal development ideas into concrete operational steps, so that development programs can be implemented in accordance with the culture, conditions and aspirations of the community. Therefore, updates on issues related to social sciences and humanities need to be developed and discussed consistently. Academic work carried out by social scientists.

The strategic role of social science is also not always seen by the community as always tempting to be explored.
At a glance, I will give you instant information about the notion of social science that many people may not know. Social science is the study of human behavior and activities in a shared life. According to wellerstein (1977), social science covers sociology, anthropology, geography, economics, history, psychology, law, political science. Material of social science studies, among others, the history of earth science, economics, health and so on is intended to develop students’ understanding of understanding and analysis skills of the social conditions of the community. It is very real that your social role is very large in shaping the character of the nation.
Humans and nature have a close relationship in life on earth. Floods occur because the land is no longer able to withstand rainwater infiltration because of deforested forest. related to the problems of life and human life. These impacts cannot be overcome with just one discipline, such as engineering alone, physics alone, economics alone, legal course, history of geography alone, sociology alone.